Social Contribution

99 Ventures Ltd looks for opportunities to support local and global charity work through contributions and its staff volunteer program.

Local Community

Since 2015, we have donated over £100,000 to running sports camps, providing swimming lessons and supporting local sports groups.


 Our staff have given up their own time and provided hundreds of volunteer hours assisting with helping local groups and projects, providing summer camps, and activities to families and people who require extra support.

So far, over 1000 children have had the opportunity to take part in sporting activities provided by 99 Ventures Ltd.  We help, support and thank the local sports groups we have worked with throughout this time.


Global Giving

Throughout the recent coronavirus pandemic, 99 Ventures has looked to work with it's partners to help support it's members throught this time, while also helping to raise funds for relief work across the globe in combatting the threat posed by the virus. 


To support our members we increased payments to provide extra income in this period, while at the same time raising over $2,000 to support the Global Giving Corona Virus Relief Fund.


Click Here to find out more about the great work provided by Global Giving. 

99 Ventures Sports Foundation

We have recently launched the 99 Ventures Sports Foundation.


Over the next few years we aim to support the foundation and raise awareness of how being physically active can help in learning important life lessons, improving health and mental well being , while helping to tackle the growing obesity crisis amongst younger generations.


In our support we will look to provide financial and physical assistance providing opportunity to children to participate in sport through funded spaces, camps and local schools.

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